Monday, March 15, 2010

I wish they were cookers and not cooks

I wish they were cookers and not cooks. I wish men could be turned on and off like a rice cooker. Actually certain rice cookers are more primitive and you just pull the plug when you're rice is ready; there is no button. I've been dealing with what I call, a series of flakey men. Men who can't commit, men who change moods every other time we are together.  I don't understand it. I've been asked on one occasion by subject A to send him an email.  It's been a month and no response. Hmm this is not an infrequent thing here...I'm trying to discuss why men are flakey?

When you first met a guy at a bar, in class, at a concert, well you exchange information. The beginning is not nerve wrecking at all. It's very simple. He likes you, he will contact you.
When he contacts you, maybe at best you both come up with the idea to meet up next week. He is busy and you are busy but lets make some time to get to know each other.
You and him become facebook friends....and this is where I see the problem with facebook and you  begin to learn his schedule. He is online between 8 -12 and returns to facebook after 10pm.  He doesn't chat with you yet. That's fine. I mean what is there to say at this point? We will meet up next week.
Next week comes and no email, no phone call. I don't need to overthink this situation. There is no situation. He has moved on. And he is a flake.

Why are men flakey? Because men have so many options of attractive woman who are nice. Woman who respond to men picking them up. Exchange info and believe me that men pick up more than one woman that night.
Of course not all men are flakey. There are men who become some woman's boyfriend. But you gotta pull the plug once the rice is done. When he stops caring you end it.

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