Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I've slept with half the guys in Israel PART 1

One, Two, Three, and then half the guys in Israel. I've slept with half the guys in Israel. This is a problem. This is a big problem. First off I am very tired. I haven't seen my room in nights and I have laundry piling ...I didn't have any clean underwear this morning and I have maybe two hours to wash clothes before running to work. My schedule consists of working, school and the gym. Going out is never planned.
I've let going out to become this causal decision like whether I should walk or take the bus to class. So I am walking home from the office and then I get a text message from Katie...lets meet up for drinks...I mean why shouldn't I go out for a drink on a Monday night. A quick nightcap before heading to bed and facing a long Tuesday day at work.

Last year I was twenty pounds heavier, in this terrible relationship and I needed to escape. I enrolled in a masters program, got an office job and o yeah got rid of the boyfriend. I began working out a lot. I started to go running, monitor my meals; healthy portions and lots of protein. I was thinner and feeling sexier twenty pounds lighter. I've always been nice and flirty. I attract lots of guys at bars.

My first guy in Israel was this nerd. We had wild sex. He bit me all over my body and I had bruises for weeks. We met at this bar. He asked me what my name is. He asked me a bit about myself. We drank some highly concentrated mixed drinks. We end up in bed. The first notch on my bed post.

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